Assalaamu alaykum,


Welcome to our group. To maintain a respectful and safe environment, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. Moderation: Our BVIM volunteer team actively monitors all content shared on our platforms. If you have any questions or concerns, including issues with posts or abusive messages, please reach out to us at
  2. Personal Responsibility: While we do our best to moderate, we cannot be held liable for any advice or suggestions given by members. We encourage you to use your best judgment when interacting with others.
  3. Respectful Communication:
  • Be polite and considerate of others’ experiences and stories.
  • Avoid profane, defamatory, offensive, or violent language.
  • No trolling, swearing, or libelous statements.
  • Discriminatory comments and attacks on specific groups or individuals are not permitted.
  1. Content Guidelines:
  • Share your story without promotional intent. Posts aimed at selling products or services will be removed, although genuine recommendations are welcome.
  • Posts promoting SIHR or other unIslamic practices are not allowed.
  • Ensure your content is suitable for young teenagers who may be part of this group.
  • Off-topic posts and those containing explicit material, discussing illegal activities, or violating copyright laws will be removed.
  1. Privacy and Safety:
  • Do not share personal details to maintain your safety.
  • Do not post pictures of children unless you have the necessary permissions and they are appropriately dressed.
  • Do not block moderators; content not visible to the moderators will be removed.
  1. No External Links or Group Invitations Without Approval:
  • Do not share links or invites to other groups (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) without prior consultation with administrators.
  • This policy is to ensure we are not held accountable for what happens in those groups and to prevent the promotion of similar groups, which can create division. Our focus is on unity and constructive discussion within this group.
  1. Feedback and Suggestions: If you have suggestions for the BVIM admins, contact them directly at While we strive to monitor all activity, we may not see every post. If you’re unsure about a post, feel free to ask us for guidance.
  2. Consequences for Rule Violations: Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a four-week removal from the group. Re-admission will be at our discretion.
  3. Promoting Positivity and Support: We encourage members to actively support one another. Share experiences and advice that uplift and assist, keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds and sensitivities of our members.
  4. Regular Updates and Reminders: We will periodically provide updates and reminders about these rules to ensure all members are aware and to maintain the group’s quality and safety.


Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s work together to keep this group a supportive and respectful space for all, insha’Allah.


Assalaamu alaykum.